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Busy week!  Sorry I am posting this on Monday.  Last week here at the ranch we started seeding corn, feedlot pens are drying out, pairs are out to grass, Roper has been busy chasing rabbits and gophers and me busy trying to keep him and the house clean.
I spent Friday with a new client.  Here is a preview of upcoming projects


08/13/2016 6:14am

Every person want changing in his life country because changing plays important role in our society. we also define as development mean changing people for this purpose hard work and greet many ideas which is better for this.


Your farm looks clean. I'm glad that you manage to make your farm clean. Being a farmer is very hard, We have some form, but we hired some skilled farm to work with us. So we don't really experience this hardship. I think my father had experienced this when our farm is very small and we don't have much money to hire many farmers to work with us. But because of my fathers hard work he becomes successful. I hope you too will become successful, God bless you.

11/01/2016 4:42am

Your farm is so cool! I'm not suprised that you have no time on posting here :)

12/14/2016 5:41am

I always love farms. If I will going to choose between living in the farm or living in the city, I will proudly choose the former. Farms makes me feel relaxed and energized. It is where I can smell the fresh air, eat some fresh meat and drink some fresh milk. All things on the farm are fresh.

01/04/2017 7:13am

Sweet lambs. Nice work. I've seen this so many times.


I am very comfortable and pleased to come here. Thank you very much.


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