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Here at the ranch this week we have gotten 4 inches of rain and even woke up to snow on the ground on Wednesday morning. It's made for some sloppy feedlot pens and not much time with the horses, but what a blessing the moisture has been and it couldn't have had better timing, right in between small grain planting and row crop planting. Calving is near completion! ‪#‎farmfriday‬


06/21/2016 12:50am

4 inches of rain, I bet that was a mess.

Agri-Marketing Solutions
06/21/2016 9:38am

Yes, that much rain can make feedlot pens not fun to check! The mud will suck even tall rubber Muck boots off. Fortunately the majority of our pen have pretty good drainage. Now here two months later it is very dry and we are haying in road gear. We would give anything for another soaker like that one! The corn really needs it.


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09/24/2016 6:07am

Wow, your farm is pretty big. Thanks for sharing these moments of your life.


I can imagine the mess the rain and snow left! On the bright side, the timing does sound great for the crops. I remember staying at my aunt's my boots were absolutely soiled. Despite this tiny setback, I had a great time taking part in the day-to-day farm activities. I'd love to go back there soon.

01/13/2017 3:02am

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