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Click on the photo above to read our latest article in The Wrangler Horse and Rodeo News Magazine.


08/27/2016 1:22am

Horse is a pet animal and some horse is very beautiful and nice so I like it very much. He runs very fast and we get many benefits form it. In this page i see many picture of horse and get precious point about this.

03/02/2017 12:33am

I’ve clicked on the photo to zoom it out. However, I think I need a faster internet so it would work out automatically. It takes time to buff every page of the magazine. I hope you can provide a downloadable PDF copy. It’s convenient than relying on the internet alone. Anyway, the one’s posted on uberflip is not this article mentioned on your blog. You should have a direct link pertaining to this article so that we can read what was being mentioned in this page.

08/31/2016 3:48am

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09/04/2016 1:08am

Nice article, I like it! How old is that? Looks like many years old

09/19/2016 9:23pm

That is a very strong looking horse. He seems really big for his age. He must have been well fed and really taken care of. I think that horses like him deserves to be more than just a rodeo horse. He should be in a racing competition, with a strong built like that, he is guaranteed the prize. Just by looking at his muscles and body composition, I can already tell how fast and strong he is.

09/28/2016 10:43pm

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10/04/2016 10:34am

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