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With the next generation of millennial farmers and ranchers stepping up to fill the roles of retiring parents and grandparents, it is imperative for farms, ranches and agricultural services to have a website.  This new generation will farm and ranch in new ways with different demands. They view farming and ranching as more of a business than a lifestyle and view technology as the means to make the operation more efficient.  They also get most of their information online. Therefore, it’s vital to position yourself online with a strong, professional website that gives customers the impression you mean business and have the motivation to want to engage more with your business. 

Like many farmers and ranchers, you may believe your business cannot benefit from having a website or that a website is not within your budget. Or maybe you think because you don’t use a computer, neither do your potential customers. These are huge misconceptions! Any business that does not have a website is missing out on one of the most powerful marketing tools available to them. A website can be used to accomplish many different marketing strategies to help your business grow.  Without one you’re missing out on opportunities for customers to identify who  you are and if they want to spend money with you. 

Even if you don’t plan to sell your products over the internet or via mail order, having a website describing your farm, your location, hours, seasonal availability and other information makes good business sense. More and more people use the internet as an all-purpose research tool in place of phone directories, maps and guidebooks. These days most people go online and research products and services before they make a purchase, if you don't have a website you are missing out on this potential business and sending them to your competitors that do.  

Your business gains credibility by having a website. A website gives you the opportunity to tell consumers why they should trust you and the testimonials and facts to back up those opportunities. It can also help to give the impression that your company is bigger and more successful than it may actually be. One of the great things about the internet is that the size of your company does not really matter. There is no reason that you can't get your site to rank in Google ahead of a large multinational competitor and funnel off some of their traffic. This is a big part of the reason that a website is even more important for a small business than a big one, it tends to level the playing field.   

While no website equals missed opportunities, a bad website can actually be worse since it literally makes your business look bad.  First impressions count and you want your first impression to be the best it can be because potential clients are passing judgement and making decisions about your business. Studies show that 48% of visitors use the design of your website to determine whether or not your entire business is credible and 94% of visitors leave poorly designed sites without engaging. If the design of your site is not professional, eye-catching, engaging and personable you will have no time in which to convince visitors to stay, let alone do business with you. 

If you don’t think you can afford to invest in website design, the real question should be; can you afford not to. Although the cost of designing a website varies, once it's up and running, a website for a small business generally costs under $100 a month and, in some cases, as little as $20. Compared to the cost of a newspaper ad and considering the potential market you can reach with a website, it is a very cost effective way to promote your business. Even something as basic and simple as a one-page website that explains your business and what it offers, provides value.  
A website is also a terrific place to tell your story, a tried-and-true marketing strategy. Include a short “about us” section describing your farm’s history, goals and values. Remember that reporters and researchers rely on the internet too! Having an accessible, easy to navigate website can multiply your promotional opportunities.  Think of your website as being your online brochure or catalogue. It is much easier and quicker to update information about your products and services on your website than in print material, making it an effective way of letting your customers know about the arrival of new products, upcoming events, special promotions, or any new services you now offer. Unlike print ads which quickly become outdated, your website can provide current information and news. It also demonstrates that a business that is trying to provide the best possible customer experience. 

A website is available to both your regular and potential customers 24/7/365 providing them with the convenience of researching and reviewing your products and services at any time.  

Whether you provide products or services, your website will provide an alternative location to sell them to a wider market; even services can be made available globally.  Don't forget, even cars and houses sell online, why not livestock and crops? Being visible worldwide means you are very likely to gain more customers. The more customers and visitors you have, the more sales you will generate.  

No matter what type of business you’re in, a website is a great place to showcase your work. By including an image gallery, as well as testimonials about your work, you can demonstrate what makes your farm or ranch unique. 

Providing information to your customers takes time, whether it’s on the phone, face-to-face, in a brochure, or in emails. With a website you can provide lots of information about your products and services. Once your website is up and running, it is available to your customers indefinitely, saving you time.  

By including a FAQ page, adding articles or uploading newsletters to answer all your customers' questions you can keep them informed. What better way to provide them with value added services than by sharing industry information on your website. 

No matter what your business is, it is imperative to have a website. The more professional your website is, the more advantages you can gain.  Let Agri-Marketing Solutions help you develop an effective website solution for your business, tailored to your budget and prospective clients.  




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For a startup company or a small sized business, uncontrolled spending can be dangerous.

Agri-Marketing Solutions
06/10/2016 3:23pm

Uncontrolled spending is dangerous for any business! A website though is necessary to be competitive in today's market.

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Easily, the article is actually the best topic on this registry related issue. I fit in with your conclusions and will eagerly look forward to your next updates. Just saying thanks will not just be sufficient, for the fantasti c lucidity in your writing. I will instantly grab your rss feed to stay informed of any updates.

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